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25 Years Experience

About Balram Sankar

Experienced Legal Consultant 

Working together with leading law firms in UAE and India, I have handled some of the most complex international and commercial cases litigated in the courts. I also have successfully represented major clients in many international arbitrations connected with UAE issues and facilitated the amicable resolution of numerous major commercial disputes.

  • Civil & Commercial
  • Laws Insurance
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Civil & Commercial Laws
  • Insurance Laws
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Banking and Finance
  • Labour Law & Employment Cases
  • Family Law & Divorce Cases
  • Real Estate Law & Construction

25 Years of Experience In Various Cases

In addition to its litigation capability, I provide full service advice and assistance (together with the preparation of requisite documentation) on a broad range of UAE corporates, banking, contracting, financial and commercial legal issues; and my extensive experience gathered over the years enables me provide practical as well as theoretical, responses to many aspects of legal business.

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